How to prepare your Shop for the iRunAShop iPhone App

In order to receive your Shop’s statistics on your iPhone, the iRunAShop App needs some data from your Webshop. This page aims to describe how to enable your shop to be queried by your iPhone.
If you have questions or suggestions you could always drop us a note. We are happy to hear from you!

But now, let’s get started right away!

If your shop software is mentioned in the list below, you are lucky and there already exists a convenient way to enable iRunAShop for your shop. Just skip ahead to the appropriate item below and install the plugin or script for iRunAShop on your server.

If your shop software is not listed here, there is either a little bit more work ahead of you, or you have to wait a little bit for a more convenient solution. In the latter case, please drop us a note and tell us what shop system you are using. We have to prioritize our humble resources to develop plugins for the most popular shop systems first, and your requests help us create a ranking.

  • Prestashop:
    There is a native plugin available for Prestashop and its installation can be done with just a few clicks. Download it now:
    iRunAShop Prestashop Plugin
  • OSCommerce:
    There is a plugin available for OSCommerce. Visit the page containing download and installation instructions for more information: iRunAShop osCommerce Plugin
  • XtCommerce:
    There is a plugin available for xtCommerce. Visit the page containing download and installation instructions for more information: iRunAShop xtCommerce Plugin
  • BigCommerce:
    Using iRunAShop with BigCommerce is easy. There is even no BigCommerce Plugin necessary. Simply follow the steps on the BigCommerce Configuration page to enable API access for iRunAShop and you are done.
  • Magento:
    No plugin available for now. Please see notes at “all other shop software” below.
    Plugin developers wanted!
  • All Other Shop Software:
    Sorry, but at the moment there is no out-of-the-box solution for your shop software available. Please drop us a note with the name of the shop system you are using, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

    Do you know what SQL and XML is?
    If you know how to write simple SQL-queries, you could easily adapt our generic PHP-script to work for your Shop system on your own. The script just sends some SQL-queries to the database in order to collect the required data, and puts it into an XML document that is provided to iRunAShop.

    It should be straightforward to adapt it for use with your system, too. All you have to do is have a look at the resulting XML documents and our predefined SQL-queries, and adapt the queries to match the tables of your shop’s database. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

    If you managed to adapt the script to your shop system, please share the result and let others enjoy iRunAShop as well! To do so, please provide us with the source code and your consent to put it on this website. We would very much appreciate your help!

    Generic Interface Script